Emerald Green Sparkling Dangle Earring for Christmas

For the upcoming season Green is always a favourite colour for many people. I created these adorable dangling earrings with three drops of bright emerald green sparkling agates which sit beautifully on a winged fantasy motif. Surely this will be a spectacular Look for adding a POP of green for that special Christmas event.



julleenpearls now on Instagram

After a while of not thinking about Instagram it has come to my attention that there are lots of people out there who like seeing how I make the jewellery I have been making for 25 years. I have begun making short videos and introducing some current and new items and the response is quite good. Thank everyone for making my journey take a new path and use other forms of social media. It is quite inspiring. If you’d like to visit me on Instagram search for



Enter a Quarter of a Century

I can’t believe it’s March 2023 and I have been designing and operating Julleen Jewellery for 25 years. For all the wonderful people I met along the way and all those who are still wearing my designs 25 years on…yes really….I have witnessed it..people are still wearing Julleen Jewellery who bought many years ago.

I am going to give myself a little pat on the back..as I am pretty proud of myself..have to say.

amoeba pearls

Had to say a farewell to these magnificent pearls. Last set gone today. I thought I would share the magnificent gold amoeba pearls with the world

Being a Star Seller on Etsy is not too shabby for a small crafty pearl jewellery store

Thrilled to be a Star Seller on Etsy. For this recognition you must get orders out speedily (check) sell regularly (check) give great customer service (check) communicate well with your clients (check) and hey just by the way have lovely sellable items and get regular 5 star reviews (check)





Beautiful Turquoise Hallmarked Sterling Silver Shield Ring by Julleen

Introducing the new range of the Egyptian turquoise shield ring by Julleen. The ever popular Julleen ring is a stunning example of how our jewellery never dates. This lovely statement ring is made of beautiful sterling silver and beautifully hand ground and cut turquoise. Petite stones are formed in a lovely pattern that looks like a large shield. The base of the shield is iodized sterling silver.

more info on weight and sizing follow the link below


Here’s an example of a few of the pieces made that vary ever so slightly making each piece stunningly individual.

Long White Pearl Necklaces Never Date

When simple is best. Usually simple is best for a wedding or any function that requires a low key look or minimal look such as a funeral or at a christening. By adding a long white pearl necklace to your outfit, you will represent the woman who is comfortable with herself but just has that, something special. An understated look that shows your have style and dare I say “a touch of class”.

A long pearl necklace, if you don’t already have one in your jewellery collection, is a pretty essential item, that can last, not just for your life time but be handed down for generations to come. That’s my core wish regarding my designs I continue to create, the thought, that each piece will last and stand the test of time.

Here are a few of my new range of long pearl necklaces that will last far past my life time. Available in my Etsy store