What Happens to Old Pearl Bracelets When They Die? They are reborn as new Pearl jewellery

Here’s a story of a very tried bracelet that was very much loved and worn often. After one of the 4 rows of a black and white pearl bracelet became loose, my friend of many decades asked me what could be done to revamp it for her mother to whom she had gifted this piece years ago. I suggested to remake it as a necklace. My friend’s Mum, who was finding the clasp difficult to cope with thee days saw this as a very positive thing to do.

After giving her preferred length, I pulled the entire bracelet apart and created a long and very charming new necklace for her, making it to the required length. This was done by adding some whopping big white pearls and more topaz and smaller black pearls. Voila! a stunning new piece was made for my friend’s Mum.

Today I was sent the picture of her Mum wearing her new necklace and I am so proud of the new design but even more so, now that she told me she wants to wear it all the time. She says she loves it so much and that it’s just perfect. Well what better words could I want to hear, as the designer.

Nothing makes me happier than hearing such wonderful things from my customers.


White Pearls Never Ever Ever Date!

Why is it that white pearls are a forever favourite, among any generation. I love tracing the history of pearl wearing through Art and have dedicated a whole Pin to it on my Pinterest Page called Pearls Through History. There is no doubt at all white pearls were always precious to their wearers. I think I have collected every single portrait painting ever created, throughout the decades and as we know pearls were discovered prior to any master painter’s subject and were only worn by royalty or gentry. There is early proof in the discovery of wall mosaic in Greece, I believe. with a fine lady wearing a strand of what appear to be white pearls.


The thing is as a designer of pearl jewellery for two decades, keeping things new with white pearls in mind can be challenging. How do we, as designers do that, without ruining the magnificence and the purity of a white organic pearl necklace yet also create a new look that will still remain classical.

I like to add a touch of sterling silver or gold vermeil and change up the textures with different shapes of pearls yet keep the quality high and lustre of an AA pearl.

I think my “Asymmetrical” necklaces have been the big winner. The meaning according to the Dictionary is “having parts which fail to correspond to one another in shape, size, or arrangement; lacking symmetry”. Yes!!!

Most women today have a set of white short pearls hopefully organic ones (that I concentrate on making for my clients). Being established since 1998, many a Julleen, long white pearl necklace has been sold over that time! and it’s arguably our best style.

Why is it that Pearls have been held in such esteem, among most women for what seems like for ever. Pearls are worn for any social gathering, be it a ball, or a special night at the opera, a wedding, a ladies luncheon, a high tea, a christening, anniversary, worn and bought for big birthday and then of course there are those, who wouldn’t wear anything else but a white pearl necklace to a funeral (not to be too morbid but it is the perfect gem for this time) I believe it is a case of continuity and pearls make you feel so good when worn. True too that a certain type of girl wears pearls. It’s not for no reason, girls love pearls and boys love girls who love pearls. I have been wearing pearls since I was 18!

Who can blame anyone for loving pearls. they simply never ever date EVER!

These days I only supply two outlets Mariko in South Perth and Woody Nook in Margaret River, but they have both been carrying the Julleen ranges for nearly 20 years. I guess that shows that people like what I do. I usually make for the love of making and sell my designs myself, either on my own sites or on Etsy ,or to my friends and old clients who still love and wear their own Julleen Designs 20 years on.

At this point I usually add a few pics to share and as I have been making quite a few white pearl necklaces of late, that I like to brag about, at being totally original, as that’s what they are, I will add some below for those who like to see what happens when I set my mind to creating. Here are just some of the designs I have loved making.


Beautiful Amethyst, birthstone for February.

Who doesn’t like amethysts. Some of the most beautiful gems on earth are amethyst. I love working with them. The richer the purple hue the better I like it.

I found these in my favourite Pakistiani gem merchants’ in Indonesia. You have to be a long standing client to even be allowed to enter. There are armed guards at the entrances and it’s here that I always like to go when looking for top quality stones. Going there is quite an experience for me as the walls are filled with cabinets and drawers that are filled to the brim with gems! It’s sheer heaven for me.

Today I added a set of emerald cut amethyst earrings that are individually bezil set, to the Julleen E-Tail store, and I wanted to share their beauty with you.


Short Pearl Necklaces on Etsy by Julleen

Every now and again we get requests for a shorter style necklace that is not the usual plain string of pearls. Most people like sterling silver and I often use substanial amounts to section of each pearl or cluster of pearls to set them apart – you know- let them shine!

Here are some of the current ones I have on Etsy that may appeal.

Bronze and Cream Pearl Necklaace with Citrines:

Cream, Pink. Champagne and White Pearl and Sterling Silver Necklace:


You Tube Gone Mad

How can a pearl jewellery video be labeled as COULD BE INAPPROPRIATE. Today I am hopping mad about something that seems to be wrong with the You Tube decision makers. A three year old video on my You Tube Julleen1 Channel is marked as COULD BE inappropriate. Surely this short and hopefully helpful video is not only entertaining but informative. Most certainly not the least bit dangerous or containing inappropriate language for a child to watch or anyone really.

I think there is something very wrong with the You Tube filtering and labeling system, if just one viewer, can tag a DISLIKE, to a perfectly innocent video and then that video, can be negatively labelled. This is a jewelllery info video and is not one of a head being chopped off or anything of a sexual nature and is all my own content. This video is about Droopy Ear Lobes and about showing people how I can help with this problem by introducing a product I have made. A simple little jewellery item that helps prop up the ear or a drooping earring. Judge for yourselves. PLEASE HELP ME GET THIS LABEL REMOVED BY CLICKING LIKE on my You Tube video on my Julleen1 channel.


Ear Lobe Lift
Ear Lobe Lift

Here’s what I have writen on my Facebook page for My Bridal Jewellery


PLEASE HELP me sort this out. YouTube has just decided to tag the above video as “Could be inappropriate”. One DISLIKE!..it seems…on my video can cause it to be labelled. I’ve checked the criteria listed by You Tube that could deem it to be “inappropriate” but nothing fits. Can FREE SPEECH cause this action? Please support me by clicking “LIKE” on this video after you’ve seen it….on my YouTube channel. Let’s see if we can grab the attention of the decision makers and get this label removed

3 Pearl Rope Necklace in Sterling Silver – Beach Theme

I made this necklace for a Beach Themed Wedding and thought it was worth sharing. I’ve just added some of these designs to my Etsy Shop – Julleen Jewels. The necklace is made entirely of organic components, which the bride insisted on at the time. I liked adding the natural rope braid instead of leather. Rope just made it feel ..well…more beachy! See if you agree.


Copying others’ material for blogs. Not for me.

I have to constantly check the input by others’ comments on my blog here. The spammers are not the least bit original. All they seem to enter  is silly wording and invites, asking if I would like to copy wording/articles from some google site or another. The thing is, copying in any form, is not what I do and truly not what I want to ever be doing. In what sort of world are we living that copying is okay? In the real world copying is punishable. The internet seems to be the place where copying is totally acceptable. In my my own creative world of making pearl jewellery and blogging about it, I like to set trends, I like to create my own designs and I like to write articles in my own words in my blog. Making my own designer jewellery is a very fulfilling experience and I really love creating my own articles in my own words. For any artistic project you have to be inspired and the word “creating” in my books, means “making something from one’s own hands and from one’s own images seen through one’s own eyes”. Here’s a Julleen pink pearl jewellery set, I visualized and went about making. I’ve never seen it elsewhere, as I created it from conception to marketing it. I call it the Pink Musk Pearl Jewellery Set.


Happy Valentine’s Day

With Love in the air on this very special day for couples and wanna be couples, I just couldn’t help but think how wonderful life is when you’re in-love. For couples of any age, this is the day, that like no other, has romance in the air. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. May all your wishes come true and may your special someone be close to you for as long as you both shall live.

A Coral and Pearl Necklace

I’ve been wanting to update my vintage coral necklace for quite some time. I’ve been experiencing a sort of artistic block of late (could be due to the holiday season) and sometimes creating a little something for yourself can start the creative juices flowing once again! Realistically as a designer of pearl jewellery for over 16 years, with over 5,000 designs clocked up, it surprises even me, how ideas just continue to pop into my head. However with all the right components laid out in front of my work bench, I am able to visualize a new project in my head and just start threading. If it’s not quite right I take the beads off and replace them with another pattern and keep doing this until voila! the ideal combination presents itself. Not so with this beauty. I knew exactly what to do with this one. I managed to create something really special today. Here I have used extra large chunky white oval ringed pearls, vintage coral beads and 14 ct gold ball spacers (looking a bit battered..I might add..but gold can gain character over the years and who wouldn’t reuse their old gold spacers). I loved it do much I thought I’d share my new Coral and Pearl Necklace with you today.