Melbourne Cup 2019 A Touch of Red

I had a fantastic day at the Melbourne Cup this year at the Swan Yacht Club along with some other fabulous gals where we all had such a great time. The outfits were simply amazing of course and it was wonderful to see the efforts some ladies went to with their outfits. I am happy to have won a raffle prize a basket of goodies on the day. Pic just in of my little win. Although didn’t back the winner, of the Cup this day really is not all about winning, it’s about the amount of energy and good will this day brings to our nation. On this day there’s enough to spread the length of Australia, it lift our spirits for weeks


I wore Red and discovered a good little milliner from the UK on Etsy this year. I just wanted something that had been hand made yet professionally finished and that’s exactly what I got. See for yourself. A bit of a hat although actually a lovely fascinator.