White Pearl Bracelets with Gemstone Dangle Charms

Along with some other lovely Black and White Bracelets I made yesterday I have been requested to make some pearls bracelets with my own hand made charms. I love having a project to do and felt inspired – here are the two just made with gemstone highlights.

White Pearls with Snowflake Obsidian


White Pearls with Onyx



Maggie Dent wears her Julleen Black Pearl Earrings on her brilliant new video

So proud today as the fabulous Maggie Dent wears her brand new Julleen Black Pearl Earrings on her latest video on her Facebook Page. Maggie discusses a not often discussed topic of how Parents should manage their young children’s fears in a crisis situation. She refers to bush fires here and what can make children feel useful and how to comfort them with so much footage of the daily blazes. She tells us how to let our kids slip into action to help calm their fears. I really enjoyed this video and am sure it will be helpful to many parents out there who will benefit from this


Of course on a lighter note Maggie looks amazing as always in this latest video Maggie told me she is flat out at the moment but this amazing woman still manged to let me know she made this new helpful video and posted it to her Facebook page and!! she was wearing her new earring. What a woman! Respect!

Please click below to purchases what Maggie wears here


Melbourne Cup 2019 A Touch of Red

I had a fantastic day at the Melbourne Cup this year at the Swan Yacht Club along with some other fabulous gals where we all had such a great time. The outfits were simply amazing of course and it was wonderful to see the efforts some ladies went to with their outfits. I am happy to have won a raffle prize a basket of goodies on the day. Pic just in of my little win. Although didn’t back the winner, of the Cup this day really is not all about winning, it’s about the amount of energy and good will this day brings to our nation. On this day there’s enough to spread the length of Australia, it lift our spirits for weeks


I wore Red and discovered a good little milliner from the UK on Etsy this year. I just wanted something that had been hand made yet professionally finished and that’s exactly what I got. See for yourself. A bit of a hat although actually a lovely fascinator.


Green For Melbourne Cup 2019

I think there will be alot of green this year worn at Melbourne Cup Lunches this Tuesday. I have a fabulous collection of Peacock Green pearl jewellery that may interest you. This colour just keeps coming back to life in the fashion world and that’s why it remains one of my firm favourites for any event.

Proudly Peacock Necklace


Good luck hope you back the winner this year!