3 Pearl Rope Necklace in Sterling Silver – Beach Theme

I made this necklace for a Beach Themed Wedding and thought it was worth sharing. I’ve just added some of these designs to my Etsy Shop – Julleen Jewels. The necklace is made entirely of organic components, which the bride insisted on at the time. I liked adding the natural rope braid instead of leather. Rope just made it feel ..well…more beachy! See if you agree.


Copying others’ material for blogs. Not for me.

I have to constantly check the input by others’ comments on my blog here. The spammers are not the least bit original. All they seem to enter  is silly wording and invites, asking if I would like to copy wording/articles from some google site or another. The thing is, copying in any form, is not what I do and truly not what I want to ever be doing. In what sort of world are we living that copying is okay? In the real world copying is punishable. The internet seems to be the place where copying is totally acceptable. In my my own creative world of making pearl jewellery and blogging about it, I like to set trends, I like to create my own designs and I like to write articles in my own words in my blog. Making my own designer jewellery is a very fulfilling experience and I really love creating my own articles in my own words. For any artistic project you have to be inspired and the word “creating” in my books, means “making something from one’s own hands and from one’s own images seen through one’s own eyes”. Here’s a Julleen pink pearl jewellery set, I visualized and went about making. I’ve never seen it elsewhere, as I created it from conception to marketing it. I call it the Pink Musk Pearl Jewellery Set.


Happy Valentine’s Day

With Love in the air on this very special day for couples and wanna be couples, I just couldn’t help but think how wonderful life is when you’re in-love. For couples of any age, this is the day, that like no other, has romance in the air. Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone. May all your wishes come true and may your special someone be close to you for as long as you both shall live.

A Coral and Pearl Necklace

I’ve been wanting to update my vintage coral necklace for quite some time. I’ve been experiencing a sort of artistic block of late (could be due to the holiday season) and sometimes creating a little something for yourself can start the creative juices flowing once again! Realistically as a designer of pearl jewellery for over 16 years, with over 5,000 designs clocked up, it surprises even me, how ideas just continue to pop into my head. However with all the right components laid out in front of my work bench, I am able to visualize a new project in my head and just start threading. If it’s not quite right I take the beads off and replace them with another pattern and keep doing this until voila! the ideal combination presents itself. Not so with this beauty. I knew exactly what to do with this one. I managed to create something really special today. Here I have used extra large chunky white oval ringed pearls, vintage coral beads and 14 ct gold ball spacers (looking a bit battered..I might add..but gold can gain character over the years and who wouldn’t reuse their old gold spacers). I loved it do much I thought I’d share my new Coral and Pearl Necklace with you today.



An Amber Necklace

After a good break from making jewellery I found it quite a struggle to get into it again and particularly to create something that will go with orange. Orange is my new fave colour right now. After three attempts I finally got the blend of colours, textures, shapes and sizes and the balance (very important) just right……me thinks! Thought I’d share my amber necklace creation with you today. It’s 47″ and so quite a long piece. There’s a lovely amber pendant necklace on Etsy that I made which I think is pretty special. Take a peek at it and browse my little boutique there. You may find some good pieces at very good prices there –  https://www.etsy.com/au/listing/205250551/amber-and-pearl-necklace?ref=shop_home_active_6

If you are interested in Amber I found a good reference link which has some interesting info on Amber’s origins and lists it’s healing properties of this lovely gemstone. Amber clears the mind and gives us peace. No wonder it has been worn as a talisman for centuries. http://www.healing-crystals-for-you.com/amber-gem-stone.html 

Orange – a top colour this season.

Everywhere I look there seems to be people wearing a cripsy sherbert orange in tops, in dresses and some accessories. It’s a stunning happy colour, I personally love but finding jewellery to match, when you like genuine pearl jewellery is not easy. I’ve looked. This orange tone necklace is made from gorgeous orange carnelian, as it’s centre drop. It’s such a lovely design that was first created a while back which I keep coming back to with different colourings. This one has luscious gold, champagne, beige, coral and purple pearls, with golden citrines in facetted gemstone beads and a few golden chips to enhance the warmth and glow or these combined stones and lastly I’ve highlighted the look with Salmon Jade beads. Of course rich slathers of sterling silver are always part of the mix. Take a look at Julleen Jewels on Etsy and see how I’ve used these components to create the tones of Orange so popular for this up coming Summer Season in Australia.


Marilyn ahead of her time

I adore Marilyn Monroe and was brought up listening to Ella Fitzgerald. There are some obscure stories about her but this is a beauty and shows MM had soul. Apparently she was such a huge fan of Ella Fitzgerald that MM unashamedly bribed a night club owner to book Ella for a gig at his club. Marilyn told the house to book a front seat table every night. At that time black entertainers were not permitted to perform live at night clubs (a madness in those times that I still can’t understand and remember my family going to see Ella at Chequers night club in Sydney…when there was a WHITE Australia Policy and black artists in the 50’s were only permitted here.. to entertain). Franky did much for Sammy Davis Jnr we all know this… but I had no idea… until I read this article about Marilyn…that she was so creative and aided a fellow entertainer to get her chance in the spotlight. Ella was most grateful as this one gig opened many doors for her. Since that opportunity she could play anywhere any time for anyone. Marilyn true to her word …sat in the audience every night. The paparazzi at that time of course buzzed around MM where ever she went and she decided to use her celebrity status to good ends. What a gem!

The story appeals to me and it’s good to see a story about Marilyn… that shines a light on her inner strength and intelligence as a woman of immense power in her time. “Ahead of her times” as Ella once remarked. AND hey hey… just because this is my Blog about pearl jewellery…. I have added a stunning earring that reminds me so much of Marilyn. She is wearing the same style as our drop pearl earring in sterling silver called January.







Pearl Jewellery on Peggy Lee

I love the look of retro chic! and found this stunning image of the magnificent Peggy Lee. If you are asking who in the hell ……well people honestly!…. if you don’t know who Peggy Lee is, I am gong to explain. She was the world’s sexiest recording artist of her day, with a voice as smooth as honey and oozing what they used to call “sex appeal”. I believe her original version of “Fever” remained high on the charts for a very long time in the 50’s and her adaptation remains the best of all time (in THIS blogger’s opinion). Personally I have lovely memories of my grandparents playing this version over and over again. I thought I’d share this gorgeous photo of Peggy and show you the Retro Chic necklace I made with just this type of 50’s glamour in mind.


Here’s Peggy’s clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYxoAJ3Boyc