Launch of new range at AJ Jewellers Perth

What a lovely morning it was yesterday 11th March, 2013, at A J Jewellers, where we spent the morning showcasing the brand new range, and meeting some very interesting customers, at this brand new city outlet for Julleen Jewellery. Directly opposite the Perth Mint gates, nestled in a group of a few shops, is where the Jewellery Store is located right, in Perth city. Previously known as Diamonds on Hay, A J Jewellers still mostly deal in diamonds and make some gorgeous designs themselves along with some serious jewellery repairs, I might add, which I saw first hand and is done on the spot.  The people working locally love this store, they told me as I chatted with some of them for a while.  Josh and Alex are very talented jewellers, who have an eye for good design (and pearl jewellery, it seems). We are very proud to be associated with Alex and Josh and expect great things to come. Please feel free to pop in at any time to see our lovely range available right now at A J Jewellers.

Pink Pearl NecklacePink Pearl Necklace

2 thoughts on “Launch of new range at AJ Jewellers Perth”

  1. I love this design, I have a few of your necklaces and I always get great compliments when I wear them, thankyou Juleen, you are the best

    1. thanks for taking the time to comment Teresa….am pleased you love your pieces and perhaps you’d like to share some photos of you wearing them.and allow us to share them here on this blog

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