Julleen Egg Design

There is always a good deal of excitement around Easter to follow the traditions of our families but maybe to do something a little different each year. Nearly all festivities around Easter time involve the use of eggs in some form or another. The Greek Orthodox paint their Eggs, many in the West in general give away chocolate eggs, and there is always the Easter Bunny who carries a basket of eggs..then there’s always that Easter Egg hunt for the little ones…Jewish people use a burnt egg at their table for Passover.

So when it came to thinking of something novel to discuss in the lead up to Easter I thought of our Julleen Egg collection. I have added just a few for you as we do the mabe necklaces in Gold, Pink and White with little Julleen Egg Earrings to match. We continue to make these lovely pieces as people just love them, as do I.





JD033.03 JD033.05 http://www.julleen.com/product/golden-egg-earring/E376.02 E376_01Pink-Egg-E376-01E376JD033.03.SET