Carnelian stone used for ancient seals.

More interesting images for carnelian, scenic jasper and coral, one of the reddish gemstones listed for March. In ancient times, Agate and carnelian were often used to create seals for high ranking individuals who’s image was carved onto the stone and made usually into a ring and worn at all times. Mark Anthony’s seal, is very appealing and I was delighted to see it was made from Carnelian, as we have discussed before the most popular stone used for great warriors. Mark Anthony’s profile shows his nose was broken at some time and his hair was worn fashionably short and he was certainly considered quite the handsome man in those days. It’s remarkable that his image lives on today, thousands of years after his death. This shows the endurance of some semi precious gemstones, particularly agates and carnelian. Carved seals were a status symbol and were used by stamping the concaved profile image of it’s wearer onto a blob of hot wax which sealed a document.

If the wax was was unbroken when received, this was absolute proof, that the messenger and therefore no one, had read it and that indeed, it came directly from the sender. Below are more images of Julleen designer pendants and earrings made with carnelian, water agates, scenic jasper, red coral and red jasper.

Jasper.Mark.Antony Coral.Trivia P700K.01 P700XL