Doris Day Wearing Pearls

I love collecting images of women wearing pearls and today I would like to share some fabulous photos of Doris Day. I mean (honestly) who doesn’t love Doris Day. I have included a remarkable one of her at 70. Almost unbelievable as she has the breasts of a 20 year old (well it has to be sure you’ll all be thinking it). I tell you..these stars from old Hollywood had something in their genes…they were able to keep their bodies toned and taut in their later years. Seriously though, I admire this women so much and like many kids of the 60’s I grew idolizing Doris Day and loved her movies with Rock Hudson they had such a great chemistry and were great mates. Doris often wore pearls as did many of the starlets of yester year. Perhaps this is where my love of pearls originated…as

I loved the movies..and remember how lucky I was living directly opposite the Wintergarden Picture theatre in Rose Bay in Sydney as a child and when I came home on boarders’ weekends I would high tail it to the movies. Doris was one of the first animal activists and I loved her for it. Enjoy!


Doris_Day_pearls-earring Doris_Day_the heart-throb Doris_Day_with_Pearls Doris-Day_Pearl-earring-cluster Doris-Day_Pearls1 Doris-Day_Pearls3 Doris-Day_Pearls5 Doris-Day_Pearls6 Doris-Day_Pearls7 Doris-Day_Pearls-70 doris-day-a-pearl-and-gemstone-necklace doris-day-pink-dance-pearls Doris-Day-with-Pearls-big-laugh