Tuquoise Colour Theme – Just Timeless

Just when you think you can’t stand too see one more lemon top or handbag, there are more again this year. Not so for the stunningly timeless colour Turquoise! Blues particularly Aqua or Turquoise…who can ever grow tired of it? Not me!  Blues have come wooshing back into the mainstream fashion plates for Spring and Summer. Coastal is the main theme for interiors. Turquoise is always such a hit really and never seems to leave fashion trends for long. In fact this is truly one of my favourite tones as I too used it ..back in the day..as my colour theme for my wedding. One day I’ll pull out those pics and share them with you….but for now…to show you the many beautiful ways this colour can be used you can go to the Julleen Pearl Pinterst clipboards or take a quick browse here. http://pinterest.com/julleen/bridal-colour-themes-jewellery/