Black Pearl Studs in Clip Ons

Sometimes I have thank people for asking me about a specific product and after posting two strings of our Black Pearl necklaces on Facebook I was asked if we made Stud earrings , which lead to another request by Becca who asked me about studs in sterling silver with a clip. Well!..I think I have found my topic for today. http://www.julleen.com/product-category/earrings/clip-on/

The last 4 images are pearl studs for pierced ears. The first 5 are clip on pearl Studs. You will notice all have a bezel (a metal frame) around each single pearl. The reason we need to SET or MOUNT a pearl into sterling silver is so we can add a clip onto the back. Am sure you get it but just in case you didn’t now you know. As a lover of clip on earrings myself I am happy to talk about them. In fact I made a few videos on YouTube about clip on earrings and will post the links at the end.

Meanwhile a picture tells a thousand words…they say and so here are some lovely black pearl stud earrings for you. The video link is just below.