Pearl Cross with Enhancer

The most popular pendant in the world is a cross or crucifix. Bejewelled or plain, this humble symbol can be the most adored piece of jewellery a woman can possess. A good pearl cross is hard to find but take a look here and see one of the most beautiful crosses are those made of pearls. I have found that there are not many, if any, pearl crosses that can easily be adapted to wear on a pearl necklace and even less… with an wide enough enhancer to add onto anything except a chain or neoprene. There are some with tiny bails and those with huge bails that can easily slip over a chain but not many, over a string of large pearls. ENHANCER BAIL IS 16 mm x 10 mm.

 I love making unique items that you simply cannot get else where.  As we are coming very close to Mother’s day I am going to add my ideas of the perfect jewellery gift for your Mum, each day right here in my blog. I love showing you things you may not have seen before and below is perhaps the ultimate pearl cross for your Mum on her special annual day. It’s a wonderful opportunity, to show your appreciation to the woman who has given you so much to give her a special gift just for her. Give her a real treat.

A Pearl Cross with an extra large enhancer ( 16 mm x 10 mm ) can be worn over silver chains and over pearls. I made these enhancers so that they can be worn over 9 mm pearls and less. Clicking a lovely pearled cross over a basic  pearl necklace… can revamp any well loved pearl string. Take a look below and see if you think so too. AS PEARLS ARE ORGANIC GEMS EACH PEARL IS UNIQUE..I HAVE ADDED 3 CROSS HERE TO SHOW YOU HOW THEY ARE ALL SIMILAR BUT NEVER EXACTLY THE SAME….AS INDIVIDUAL AS YOU! 🙂

my pearl cross PEARL CROSS ENHANCER 3pearl.crosses enhancer pearl cross1

pearl cross enhancer 1 Pearl Cross