Khaleesi Bracelet

Winter is Coming and so is the Westeros Jewellery

Can’t say I haven’t thought of it myself,  and would love to create some jewellery with the Game of Throne Theme. A Canadian firm of jewellery designers Pyrrha, have landed the license from HBO to release an official Game of Thrones collection of jewellery. There are some talisman necklaces for the Westeros main Houses and are priced at $226. They feature the sigil (that’s “symbol” in Game of Thrones “speak”) and the house motto.  Baratheon’s crowned black stag with their motto “ours is the Fury” and the Stark direwolf with of course “Winter is coming”.

I am mad about the mother of Dragons from the Targaryen House with their three-headed Dragon and the motto “Fire and Blood” in the series. I adore Kahleesi and have made a bracelet called Khaleesi myself. However I am looking forward to seeing some of the new jewellery and seeing some people “Wearing Westeros” designs.