Where the volcanoes erupt there’s black sand

I am not a world expert on nature by any means and my posts come from what I have learned over the years in the pearl industry. Often I write from the heart and it comes out exactly as it would, if I were talking to you directly. I do this on my youtube videos also. Today I revised a listing I had on Etsy for Black Baroque Pearl Earrings. I have loved these particular pearls for a long while now and sometimes I find it hard to part with things that are special, to me. Yet often inspiration comes from strange and unique things. I decided to match these pearls into sets, then mount them into single bezels and create special black pearl earrings in sterling silver. These sorts of pearls are not for everyone but there are many people, just like myself that adore what nature has to offer, even in crude or rough ways and when I saw these beauties I had to show them to the world. When black pearls are formed the irritation often starts with one grain of sand and a black lipped oyster (that can only live in areas where the sand is black..makes sense right?). Black sand comes from volcanic residue formed countless years ago and so when you look at these simply amazing pearls surely if you can stop and just think for a minute then nature is showing you something extraordinary. Enter…my baroque black beauties into Julleen Earrings. Available only on Etsy.

Here are some images of the black lip oyster and finding one in Cape York Australia. (note the black muddy sand) Some oysters can live for 30 odd years…remarkable isn’t it?