For the Love of Lapis

Blue always is a popular fashion colour and this year it’s a marine, electric or very bold rich blue, that everyone can’t get enough of. I love no complaints here. In relation to jewellery..there are but a very few more popular gemstones than Lapis Lazuli. If there is ever a stone that most people just “have to have” it’s a piece in beautiful blue lapis . Along with other gemstone, blue topaz and blue agate and we can’t forget blue Sapphires, Lapis really activates the senses because of it’s stunningly rich vibrancy of tone and texture.. it’s almost intoxicating.

Ahhh! Lapis Lazuli with it’s tiny veins of gold or deeper blue or even white contrasting speckles, is what makes this stone a real winner. It’s difficult to create designs that will suit everyone but I think we have here in our delicious collection of jewellery with a touch of Blue Lapis and down right opulence of the brilliant Lapis and Pearl cuff bracelet. Whatever your mood Lapis will most assuredly give you a huge lift in lightness of being. No wonder the Egyptians were mad for it. Take a look at our humble and not so humble uses in jewellery with this remarkable and beloved stone. Enjoy!