The Classical Pink Pearl Necklace For Any Age

A granny who loves her pearls! Here’s a classical creamy pink pearl necklace that women of any age absolutely love. If you love pearls like my Mum then you would be devastated if you lost your own string. Today I have added an image of my Mum who misplaced her own pink pearl necklace last week and asked me in a grief stricken voice to please make her a new string of pink pearls as she said, she just couldn’t live with out them. Luckily a few days later Mum rang me in a wonderfully excited voice to say she found her own set hidden in the torn lining of her handbag – to the great relief of everyone. However I had already made the new set. Mum suggested I place it online and here we go – if you’d love a short Pink Pearl Necklace..then here’s where to buy one right now.

A very unique, beautifully lustrous string of pink 8mm pearls just today placed on Etsy – so let’s see who grabs them.