Secret Lobe Lift by Julleen

If you have droopy ear lobe syndrome then this is the perfect solution. A Sterling Silver Secret Butterfly Lobe Lifting Clip. This ingenious invention by Julleen shows how this miracle lobe lift and earring lift works.

Droopy Ear Lobe Syndrome? Raise your ear lobes, have perky young looking ear lobes and take years off the appearance of stretched ear lobes. Seen here as a ball stud earring, but use these support backs on any earrings for pierced ears and make the lobes and earring look firmer. Makes them sit straight up! A clever solution to hoist up the ear lobes without pain. A push up bra for the ears. No need for painful re-constructive surgery or sticky adhesives. One set will last a life time. A truly original gift idea for any one with pierced ears – 10 mm.

Secret Lobe Lift – How It Works. See how it sits better and more centred with the use of Lobe Lift. For a closer look how this principle works see our Facebook or Hotfrog Page Secret Lobe Lift Push UP for sagging ear lobes –


Peacock Green Pearl Earring


Sterling Silver Support Earring for Droopy Lobes
Ear Lobe Lift Stud Earring