Pastel Pearls for Bridesmaids

I have heard from so many brides that it’s virtually the last thing you think of, but when it comes to the point, what on earth can a girl chose for her own bridesmaids’  jewellery and seem, as if she is not going “all brideszilla” as she really does not want her bridesmaids showing her up on her own special day. This is not actually verbalized …but the future bride is definitely thinking of it.

When looking for a good jewellery set for bridesmaids how about something in pastel colourings. Many of us know the lovely pink version of the drop weave design…but the aqua although a less well known set, called Christina is a true sweetie. This design looks stylish but not too over powering.  I know on the day of the wedding a bride should be the centre of attention. Did you know that when you have bridesmaids who wear classy jewellery it actually flatters the bride herself. It really makes the entire bridal party look their very best. For $150 I believe this set is just perfect.

VO027_09_SETPink Pearl Jewellery Set