On a Grey and Dreary Day I Like to Revisit the Julleen Feedback Corner

Sometimes on a cold and dreary rainy day it’s hard to find a positive vibe. Today I scrolled through my Feedback Corner and have once again seen all the amazing comments people have left with me that I have accumulated over the years.

Helping people with their Pearl Jewellery purchases is very enriching feeling. What a boost! for the morale. Hundreds of happy customers all bursting with excitement at their new purchase and some old customers who still have virtually an entire box full of Julleen Pearl Jewellery Tim Curry.Rocky Horror.Some from USA, who I am am very proud to say are gushing with compliments at the originality of Australian Designs. Some as far away as the UK and Sweden!

Yep it’s a good idea sometimes to revisit the achievements you’ve accomplished over the years. Speaking of which …here comes the sun!