Amber-Pearl-Citrine- Set

Another Happy Customer of a commissioned Pearl Jewellery Set

Something that completely made my day today was receiving a charming message from my customer who had commissioned me to make an earring for a truly lovely pearl necklace he wanted to gift his cherished Aunt who turned 75 last month. I was thrilled to bits that a man had the foresight to ask for something so special to match the stunning necklace he had chosen, just for her.

I made sure I kept in continual contact with him over the time it took to make it, send it off, all the way through until delivery in the USA.

Today I got my reward. The Aunt wears the necklace with or with or without the pendant and the earrings with or without the necklace. This is something I just love to hear.

I want to thank all my very special and loyal customers in USA, who are always such a delight for me to deal with. In general they have an enormous amount of respect and trust in a jewellery designer who lives so far away and I really appreciate the faith they have in me.