Black Baroque Pearl Earrings

I am so pleased to say that the last Julleen Black baroque pearl earring E072.06  was bought by a lady in New York from our Etsy store. We’re experiencing some good response from US clients of late (must be the exchange rate). Here are some new designer earrings that may please the people who missed out on that last pair. I’ll try to make more of the version with swing soon, however the current design sits like a stud earring and does not swing like the previous one. If you love the “different” then you’ll most probably love these charming Big Black Baroque and Sterling silver earrings. All beautifully bezel set by hand in thick substantial Hallmarked sterling silver.

Gold Pearl and Carnelian Necklace with Tourmaline

If you’ve ever wondered what rough carnelian looks like then here’s your chance. I fell in love with these rough orange gemstone nuggets and thought immediately how lovely they’d look with gold pearls. There are all sorts of gold pearls of course but the pearls presented here are a peachy/gold colour. They are all ringed baroque and oval pearls. This was a project of love as these pearls were difficult to match up but so worth the effort, as I think you’ll find here.

To enhance the orange toned carnelian which almost looks like candied fruit,  I’ve added amber facetted citrine beads and some lovely 5 mm facetted watermelon tourmaline beads. The sterling silver with some gold vermeil spacers also, really made this design all come together beautifully. As a lariat design this allows you, to wear the necklace in a long style with a long drop front but you can twist the necklace around a few times and wear it as a bracelet, or as a double row necklace. Having a long pearl necklace, makes for a versatile jewellery piece every time!

Happy Festive Season to All

It’s Boxing Day in Australia when the excitement of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race begins. I love this time of year. I was impressed by the beauty of this yacht and it’s vintage feel. It’s a wooden Sydney yacht named Maluka and  she’s both the oldest – at 82 years old – and potentially the slowest yacht in this year’s race. She is the only yacht actually older than the race itself and owned by Sean Langman who has also raced to Hobart on some of the biggest and fastest yachts.

Sterling Silver Pearl Earrings

Pearl and Sterling Silver Earrings, Genuine or not.


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26 January 2013 . 498 Views
Genuine Pearl is organic and can be cultivated. Shell (pearl) is man made from extracts of shell powder and fish scales covering a plastic bead. Sterling silver is an organic metal and has a hallmark of 92.5, it smells like silver it bends like silver and has no memory like gold, once bent it will show flaws. Filled silver is base metal with high amounts of alloys with silver plating and can be harmful to wear. Therefore a heading for an item “pearl earring and sterling silver” will/should have all genuine natural components or the title is not honest. “Pearl and silver” earrings could (more often than not) refer to a “Faux” pearl or pearl shell earring with “silver coated” metal and therefore be only man made components.

Amounts or weight of sterling silver used in any one pearl earring can shed a light on the amount being asked, for the item, yet in these hard economic times, “the value for money” is getting the “genuine article” for the smallest amount possible. Hard on makers and designers but great for the consumer. Using less and getting more is the mantra for makers now. Compare the thinness or the thickness of the hook of the earring alone, this could (previously) show immediately the generosity of the maker for their products. A good close up picture for the item says it all. Nothing to hide there. A sterling silver and pearl earring can contain a very thin hook (usually with “imported” items) yet still be sterling silver and still have a high price tag. Yet a designer pearl earring from a small jewellery operator can be far more generous and precious and have much more sterling silver “weight” to their pearl and sterling silver earring. The battle continues for quality over cheap and nasty, yet price seems to be the winner.
The missing ingredient for pearl earring purchasers on line is that it is not tangible, and it must solely rely on images to sell the product. Pearls and indeed all jewellery has always been a “touchy- feely” thing, no more, now there is eBay. When you can see great quality from the outset with heavier weights of silver content in each design, then there you will have a winning combination. Here are examples of designer jewellery pearl earrings with sterling silver (using very generous weights of sterling silver and pearl in their products and are starting at remarkably low prices, as they must compete with the imports and copies.


Halloween – Pumpkin Citrine Jewellery

When it comes to Halloween the demand for anything Pumpkin coloured is in huge demand. True to form – we’re going to show off some gorgeous pieces using Pumpkin Citrine and some in Paler Lemon and gold citrines. It’s true our jewellery isn’t the lowest end of the market or the highest. It’s somewhere in between, middle ground, pricing which is more suitable to the people who don’t mind paying for the real thing but don’t want to spend thousands. Here are some of our higher end pieces with a taste of some sweet earrings that are affordable to just about anyone.

Just click on the Etsy link for some lower end costings or enter any of the Julleen websites to find some interesting pieces in pumpkin and paler lemon Citrine pearl jewellery designs.


Julleen Double Pearl Earring best price as you are buying direct.

It is often said that in fashion you have to keep up with the latest. At Julleen we most definitely keep this in mind however we make classical jewellery that lasts and still remains stunningly wearable and down right, up to the moment. Recently I “googled” Double Pearl Earrings (as you do!) just to see what the latest design may be in that category. I found a pair, incredibly similar to our design, the Julleen “Double Pearl Earring” (that we have been making now for many years). I was flabbergasted, as the price for these were $435! Our Miss Julleen Double Pearl Sterling Silver Earring at $220 and White Bride Double Gold Pearl Earring for $230 (in either post or in a clip on) are always available in our online stores.

I believe our original Julleen version, is the best for the price, out on the fashion style scene. This style is enduring and the larger pearls we use, are matched beautifully. That particular copy of our style, was actually for a smaller sized pearl. AND Wow! after a calculation, I discovered for that amount you can get two! of our Pearl earrings. Take a look see. Follow the links below to view more and purchase either of these two simply stunning double pearl earrings.

Sterling Silver –

Gold Vermeil –




Pinterest addictive?

I am finding Pinterest so addictive I keep finding more and more things to colour co-ordinate and who doesn’t love that. I have started a new one called Prom ideas. This is a fun thing to do as I am targeting a younger audience. The possibilities are endless…matching up my beautiful pearl jewellery to dresses or accessories that I think are appropriate for a Prom. How exciting! Please take a look at my Pinterest Boards. They are loaded with images of Pearls through History, Pearls on Models and anything I personally find interesting regarding pearls.

oh yes and here’s the dress ..if anyone is interested….its on Etsy where I have a jewellery shop.


Coral Tones in Fashion

I love finding themes for a certain colour and then matching Julleen Jewellery into the collection of fashion item images, I gathered. I’ve got a hankering for things Coral right now and have used it as a colour theme on Julleen page on Facebook I often use the Julleen, Pinterest boards to use some fabulous images for cakes and table settings and clothes with accessories and thought I share just a little touch of the colour Coral with you here today. Enjoy!

Pearl Jewellery Sets

One of the most beautiful things about having an online jewellery store is that you get feedback directly from customers and one of the most popular searches we have come to realize are the Pearl Jewellery Sets. We have quite a variety of them and will show you some right here.

Confusion reigns still re the word SET or SUITE. A set usually constitutes 2x matching pieces ,say a necklace and earring. Adding a third piece or even a fourth will make that matching collection a “SUITE”. A suite will often have a Pearl Necklace, Pearl Earring and perhaps a Pearl Bracelet, whatever the 3rd piece, when added to matching items is is called a suite!