Happy customers in America

Recently as our dollar drops here in Australia, America is now becoming a serious market to West Australian pearl jewellery manufacturers. At Julleen we have noticed an up ward trend in sales to USA for the last few months and I am personally thrilled to get our gorgeous designs into the mainstream in the USA, for weddings particularly. Julleen pearl jewellery is a decent quality and made to last. What was thrilling to me personally today was that a young woman who is about to get married was given a pearl necklace by her grandmother, to wear on her wedding and then the bride-to-be bought some earrings, so she would have the complete set. I just got some lovely news from a bride this morning that the earrings match perfectly. Wow happy customers from such a huge distance. The earrings took just 8 working days to get to USA.

pearly-cake-julleen-images cream pearsl flower-in-the- hair-cream- weddingsilver_glitter_diamonds_platform_high_heels_2

Tuquoise Colour Theme – Just Timeless

Just when you think you can’t stand too see one more lemon top or handbag, there are more again this year. Not so for the stunningly timeless colour Turquoise! Blues particularly Aqua or Turquoise…who can ever grow tired of it? Not me!  Blues have come wooshing back into the mainstream fashion plates for Spring and Summer. Coastal is the main theme for interiors. Turquoise is always such a hit really and never seems to leave fashion trends for long. In fact this is truly one of my favourite tones as I too used it ..back in the day..as my colour theme for my wedding. One day I’ll pull out those pics and share them with you….but for now…to show you the many beautiful ways this colour can be used you can go to the Julleen Pearl Pinterst clipboards or take a quick browse here. http://pinterest.com/julleen/bridal-colour-themes-jewellery/

Black Pearl Studs in Clip Ons

Sometimes I have thank people for asking me about a specific product and after posting two strings of our Black Pearl necklaces on Facebook I was asked if we made Stud earrings , which lead to another request by Becca who asked me about studs in sterling silver with a clip. Well!..I think I have found my topic for today. http://www.julleen.com/product-category/earrings/clip-on/

The last 4 images are pearl studs for pierced ears. The first 5 are clip on pearl Studs. You will notice all have a bezel (a metal frame) around each single pearl. The reason we need to SET or MOUNT a pearl into sterling silver is so we can add a clip onto the back. Am sure you get it but just in case you didn’t now you know. As a lover of clip on earrings myself I am happy to talk about them. In fact I made a few videos on YouTube about clip on earrings and will post the links at the end.

Meanwhile a picture tells a thousand words…they say and so here are some lovely black pearl stud earrings for you. The video link is just below.




Inspired by Marilyn Monroe

Often I find it amusing that I create a pearl jewellery design, then suddenly I find something perhaps years later, like an old picture of a star wearing almost the same design I created without having the slightest notion from where the inspiration came. Or in fact that someone else may have worn that similar something decades before. Twice now I have found a similar earring that I created looking very much like a design Marilyn Monroe wore and just for interest sake I will add them below.





Christie’s of London Jewel sale in June fetched 1.64 M for a pearl necklace

Is it any wonder I love pearls so much. Any news at all on the subject of these magnificent gems,which happily I get to work with daily, and my ears generally prick up.  In my lateest  Jewellers Trade magazine there was an article about Christie’s June Jewel auction written by Michael Rees I believe.

A necklace sold at Christie’s for 1.64m in London this last June. The Pearls pn the 35.6cm long necklace measure approximately from 4.1mm to 10.7 mm. The Piece has an oval mixed cut Ruby Clasps with baguette and brilliant cuts in a deco style which dates from the 20s.

A diamond brooch using natural pearls had the 2nd highest price received at this auction, fetching $660 K, smashing it’s pre auction estimate

These results illustrate the continued strength in the market for natural pearls” said Keth Pention, head of Christie’s London Jewellery Department.

Peridot and Amethtyst, Green and Purple Gemstones POW!

Lime and particularly a lime coloured stone has always been a favourite stone for me. I like adding shock colours together. As Wimbledon and the tennis is on each night I am reminded of the purple and green I like to use in jewellery and so I thought a picture paints a thousand words. Here’s to the celebration of green and purple gemstones used together. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Long Pearl Necklaces for Mariko

Have just finished a nice range of long necklace for Mariko in South Perth and wanted to share some with you. I’ve added a few matching earrings too. These items will soon be available. Will keep you posted


Julleen – A Case Study by Hotfrog – worth sharing again.

This is a write up by Hotfrog about Julleen that was written a few years ago, I thought it was worth sharing again

Julleen Logo
     Julleen Logo

Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs looks to Hotfrog to help launch the brand to a wider market

With almost 3.5 million unique users visiting the site every month, Hotfrog is quickly becoming the business tool of choice for small-to-medium sized businesses across Australia. Perth-based label, Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs is one such company effectively utilising Hotfrog and experiencing increased success as a result. Director and designer Julia Ray has been with Hotfrog since it was first established in 2005 and now, six years on, credits a staggering 90 percent of the label’s online sales leads made through Hotfrog referrals.


Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs is a company born out of a passion for pearls. Following a decade in Indonesia, Julia developed an interest in jewellery making which, thanks to the support from her admiring friends, quickly gave her the confidence to expand her love of pearls beyond a hobby. She began selling her own unique sterling silver and pearl designs to the likes of Duty Free Indonesia and as a result of her success overseas Julia was able to establish her label, Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs, locally upon her return to Perth in 2000.


With the wholesale side of the business growing steadily, Julia needed to incorporate a consumer focus into the business plan in order to maintain steady growth across a broader market. To do so, Julia recognised that Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs needed its own identity as a brand. Noticing the growing popularity of online shopping sites, Julia established her very own e-boutique and with the help of her son’s design-savvy friend, created a more professional image and re-launched the new look label online, making it accessible and appealing to the wider online consumer market. Having never explored the possibilities of an online business — and with minimal funds — Julia needed to source marketing tools that would suit her needs.


Upon searching for free online business listings in 2005, Julia stumbled upon Hotfrog and within a few days, Pearl Jewellery Designs was listed and a long-standing relationship with Hotfrog as the chosen service to help market her business was established. As both companies have grown, so has the ability for Julia to update her Hotfrog profile at no cost, a feature which she says has allowed her to utilise the service as more than just an online listing, becoming a second website for her business. “Online marketing is a learning experience, you try something new, you monitor the reaction and either do it again or tailor it to make it work better”, says Julia.


With 90 per cent of all online business leads generated through Hotfrog, Julia is open about how much Hotfrog has contributed to her business success. “Hotfrog has been very rewarding and has opened so many doors for my business.” Being online has allowed Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs to extend its client-reach beyond Western Australian borders and as far as the UK where she is now beginning to establish a small following. As a result of the growing business’ success, Julia, just this weekend, launched her new label Julleen Bridal, at Perth’s premier bridal exhibition, where her new label was the sponsor of the fashion stage and where she christened her new bridal E boutique called My Bridal Jewellery, and Hotfrog as always, is her first port of call. “Hotfrog is a very powerful tool for internet marketing…I recommend it to everyone and anyone who is starting their own business.

Hotfrog URL:


Huge Gemstone Cocktail Rings are at Crazy Prices

Just what we all like, during sale time, reduced prices ….PLUS getting a 20% discount on top. Right at this very moment, we have crazy prices for many of our huge cocktail rings. As you know the 4 day sale is for 20% off everything in the store, until 29th April. We are doing this for Mother’s Day…but…wouldn’t it be a great idea to take advantage of these great prices to get something for yourself also ? This is definitely the best time purchase products you have your Julleen Jewellery wish list.



My Pearl Centipede.

Centipedes are not the most endearing of creatures but  in Chinese  beliefs these little creatures are lucky. Especially lucky for gamblers, they say. Centipedes are also used in Chinese medicine. My love of pearls has also lead me to a path of appreciating Chinese astrology, Feng Sui, Chinese medicine and myths. Especially the myths! Hence my other pearled creatures written about February 1st. In Primal Astrology, Centipedes have the tropical sign of Gemini and are born in the Chinese Zodiac’s year of the sheep. I was fascinated to read of some very famous Centipedes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (5/22/1859), Nicole Kidman (6/20/1967), Malcolm McDowell (6/13/1943) and Harriet Beecher Stowe.(6/14/1811). Wracking your brains yet, who are some of these people. Sir Arthur was the author of Sherlock Holmes and Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote Uncle Tom’s Cabin and of course Malcolm McDowell is most remembered by the weird and wonderful movie A Clockwork Orange. I figure everyone knows Nicole so no need to expand there. All these amazing people are communicators and are indeed Centipedes.

The body shape of a centipede was perfect to make a pearled spine. As luck would have it a line of pretty button pearls was perfect for his body line and I added a two pronged tail. The outcome is somewhat more attractive as a pearl pendant than an actual centipede and am proud of it. Anyway as much as I like the idea of it being a good luck sign, I would rather carry a luck charm like this than the real thing. How about you?

Pearled Centipede
Pearled Centipede

IMG_5329 IMG_5330

Buy it here : or at Woody Nook Winery Margaret River.


In many cultures centipedes were used to help treat snake bites. They are said to bring gamblers luck, general good luck.


Chinese symbols for centipede.



  • Sarah Ramos (5/21/1991)
  • Robyn (6/12/1979)
  • Pete Wentz (6/5/1979)
  • Jesse Bradford (5/28/1979)
  • Nicole Kidman (6/20/1967)
  • Mia Sara (6/19/1967)
  • Max Casella (6/6/1967)
  • Anderson Cooper (6/3/1967)
  • Noel Gallagher (5/29/1967)
  • Glen Rice (5/28/1967)
  • Tim Berners-Lee (6/8/1955)
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  • Dana Carvey (6/2/1955)
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  • Douglas Fairbanks, Sr. (5/23/1883)
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