Red Abalone Pendant1

A Tudor Style Abalone Pendant Necklace with Garnets and Pearls in Sterling Silver.

I imported some Red abalone glazed cabs from USA many years ago.  The great thing about glazing abalone shells is that you can create amazing almost magical, colour tones, in whatever shade you like and my favourite is Red. Of course it protects the very fine slithers of shell from cracking or flaking and definitely stops the shells from drying out. The results are stunning. I then went about setting the cabochons into a pearl and red garnet encrusted sterling silver pendant. You can see this very regal look seems like something from the Tudor dynasty era.

The Beauty about manufacturing your own pendants with your own gemstones and pearls is that you can use them in many different designs. I usually like this pendant used with black leather bolo and white button pearls all set with gorgeous variegated sterling silver components. Today I put a new design on Etsy for a very special price and thought I would share it with you here.