Princess Diana’s Pearl Earrings Worn by Kate at the BAFTAs 2019. Spot the Difference

I am forever on the look out for Royals and Women of prominence wearing pearl earrings or pearl necklaces. I just discovered the images of the lovely earrings Kate wore to this year’s BAFTA’s were Diana’s, however the size of the pearls have definitely changed and so have the small details of the caps that top the pearls.

Diana wore huge more rounded pearls in this design but as we see, here Kate is wearing a more slender and sleeker tear drop shaped pearl, with variegated caps and less volume. These are most probably lighter to wear and not heavy for a delicate ear lobe. It’s here I make a reference to well “Maybe she should have been wearing the Julleen LOBE LIFT”.

Perhaps the original pearls had been changed at Kate’s request. Who knows but after 20 years in the pearl business I have a very keen eye for sizes and shapes of pearls, which is maddening sometimes. oh well c’est la vie! I give you! our two Princesses wearing their pearl earrings – you tell me –

can you spot the difference!

Here’s the Julleen Lobe Lift Secret Earring