2nd pearl collar-only

Pearl Collar with Long Triple Strand Cascades an Award Winning Design

Many stunning designs appear at the Japan Jewellery Association’s annual jewellery designs awards. From the outset, my own interests have always been, all about the designs, we pearl jewellery designers can create. Understandably then, this Japanese design just blew my mind. The ingenuity of this particular vision was spectacular. Copious amounts of pearls are bezel set into a jewelled collar with three strands luxuriously positioned all the way around the back of the neck but wait there’s more! Again three luscious long strands and evenly tiered strings of white pearls, cascade down the front to make for a long flowing outrageously stunning, triple stranded pearl necklace. WOW!

MY own attempts at making Pearl Collars I thought were quite lovely but I think this new award wining Japanese design is just too heavenly not to appreciate and I just had to share it with you today.