Big Cocktail Rings the latest craze for the forefinger.

It amazing, even though we say “start your own trends and be original” there is no better feeling than having been copied. They say it’s the best form of flattery. Three years ago we began making a lemon quartz cocktail ring. So popular that we sold out in no time. We saw loads of cheap and nasty copies out there however they could not match the quality of workmanship and design that we do at Julleen. Finally after many requests, this Summer we created even more fruity, and super cool colours for a broader choice. Here they are all grouped together. These are worn on the forefinger (or index finger) and look beautiful any time any where.

Cocktail ring for index finger
Gemstone Cocktail ring for the forefinger



A cocktail ring in Lime Green
Huge Gemstone Cocktail Ring by Julleen

A prize winning night for Cystic Fibrosis fundraiser.

Julleen Pearl Jewellery often donates to charitable causes. May 25th 2012, there was a fundraising event held at the Bayswater, by Sera Taylor. The Bayswater is one of Perth’s oldest and most popular hotel venues. Julleen particpated by donating some pearl jewellery for the night and raised a sizeable sum for the evening we are very pleased to say.

Julleen Prize winning necklace
Charity night for Cystic Fibrosis. A winning pearl necklace.


Pink Pearl Necklace donated to charity
A charity night donation by Julleen. Pink Pearls.


Enter – My Bridal Jewellery on Facebook

courts.bride_.-199x300Hello all to all admirers of Julleen Pearl Jewellery designs….I finally created a separate ID on Facebook for My Bridal Jewellery! As you may or may not know My Bridal Jewellery is an off shoot of Julleen, created specifically for the bridal community. Please go and check this out and become a fan.

Numbers are building slowly for this fresh fan page and we would love everyone’s help to make this new My Bridal Jewellery facebook  profile ..a success..and a good place to express your ideas and gain some too. Let’s make this new project spectacular! If you’ve always wanted to meet me and have a chat about your loves and hates regarding jewellery for brides these days…I am hoping it will become a forum for you!

Pearls for a wedding day....just perfect. Be remembered by starting a trend and not following the masses. Be unique, wear real pearl jewellery and ensure your wedding photos never date.Speaking on a personal note.. this will give me an idea as to what Brides really want today for their own or a friend’s wedding. Be it for themselves, bridesmaids, Mum of the bride or Mum of the groom and for all relatives in the wedding party who will be in pictures of the wedding ceremony, I must say this again….if you want your wedding photos to be beautiful and current still ..even 20 years into the future….and remain something to be proud of…to show your children and grandchildren later in life…then wear good quality pearl jewellery (on your wedding day).

Classical beauty and refinement (look at all royal weddings)  is what should be your choice ..and you just will not go wrong.

Pearls for a wedding day….just perfect. Be remembered by starting a trend and not following the masses. Be unique, wear real pearl jewellery and ensure your wedding photos never date.

When looking for good jewellery that doesn’t cost the earth then we are the jewellery house to chose for your wedding day.We definitely go that extra bit further to create heavenly pearl jewellery designs for all you brides out there…. that will last a life time.

Although mostly online sales are how we market Julleen pearl jewellery..we do have some very rare outlets in Perth Mariko in South Perth and Margaret River at Woody Nook Winery and in Sydney at the two Sarissa Designs silk specialty boutiques. Most of our lovely and original pieces can always be purchased directly from our very unique online jewellery stores.

We like style and glamour and create pieces that are classical with that little touch of the dramatic. We know you appreciate this….and that’s why you support the Julleen label that is now been in production for 12 years. Come join us and start a conversation with us. We would really love to hear from you.

We have also created a Julleen channel on you tube and would love you to join us and see the growing library there..which is created for you. See you there!

The Honourable Julie Bishop knows of Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs

Last night I was delighted to meet the honourable Julie Bishop MP  – Electoral Division of Curtin (WA) and Deputy Leader of the Opposition of the liberal party of Australia. I  found her to be a warm and generous woman who has a wonderful smile and is herself, a confessed lover of pearls. She was an honoured guest where my mother was also a guest speaker and after taking a picture of her with my mother and seeing how approachable she was, I handed her a Julleen card, which she took in hand immediately, noticing we are based in South Perth, and when she asked exactly where we were situated she was delighted to hear she could view them at her own pace on the Julleen websites and smiled when she said how she also adored pearls. Let’s hope that all of Canberra will be alerted that Julleen Pearl Jewellery Designs is here to stay!

Juie Bishop & Julleen

Julleen Bridal Jewellery chosen by the Novotel Perth Langley Wedding Open Day May 14th 2011 from 10 am – 4pm

Ah Weddings!..the celebration of love. If you are still having lots of fun preparing your wedding,then you should add this exclusive event to your schedule. The Wedding Open Day, will highlight only the Creme de la creme of each wedding category. That is one bridal jewellery brand and one hire car company and so on. Anything you need will be at your fingers tips and only as we say, the very best that Perth has to offer. It’s all about to happen at the Hotel Novotel Perth Langley at 221 Adelaide Terrace, Perth. Saturday 14th May 2011 is not too far away and so make a note of it in your diary. From 10 am until 4 pm the reception rooms will be a buzz of activity and you may win a honeymoon at the Novotel (the surprise will be which one).All through this gorgeous hotel, starting from the foyer to upstairs, in the little meeting lounges and ball room, will be a buzz of activity with friendly staff on hand so you can chat intimately with your experts. Julleen Bridal Pearl Jewellery will be there of course! Can’t wait! See you there!

Bridal Pearl Jewellery
The prize – Julleen Pearl and Aquamarine Mabe Pendant necklace.

wedding-open-day-140x300    Pink Pearls

A happy bride is always our best loved accomplishment

Clip on earring for brides
Double Pearl Clip On Earring

At Julleen we just love a happy ending ..and a successful wedding day is just about the happiest news we could get..especially if we contributed somehow to that wedding day’s success. This was the case with Angela, our happy bride who looked amazing on her wedding day in her oyster colour dress and you must have guessed it folks…yes..wearing her Julleen Pearl Jewellery. Angela wore our double pearl, cup set, earrings, in a clip on as her ears were not pierced but she wanted a soft, flattering and stylish look that would not interfere with her crown. She also brought our attention to the fact, that it was the same style Chelsea Clinton wore at her wedding.

We have been making this design for many years but they are not sold on the website. We take only special orders for this, as each one, is hand made to specifically hold the requested size and colour pearl. Although we thought a soft pink may do the trick it was the Ivory 10mm pearls that appealed to our bride. Thrilled to find her dream style of the double set pearl earring, at Julleen, our bride did not waste a minute and ordered them immediately, once we sent her the picture of it. Voila! a happy bride sent us the photo we wanted to see, here, a smiling bride with her much admired Julleen pearl clip on earring, which made all the difference to the look of the day. Well done Angela! We at Julleen wish you many years of happiness and joy together and we are very sure you’ll be handing this earring down to your loved ones, as they will last… more than a life time!
double pearl earring by Julleen

Dusk Bridal Fair Perth – March 12th and13th

My Bridal Jewellery by Julleen is sponsoring the fashion stage at the Bridal Fair, being held at the Perth Convention Centre this March 12th and 13th will will have some stunning surprises for the exhibition visitors. The major highlight for us, at this event, is that we will be introducing our new My Bridal Jewellery Website – The My Bridal Jewellery booth will be adjacent to the catwalk.  Courteney our lovely Julleen model will be there at this event which promises to be great fun. Please do come one and all, whether you are brides to be, or past brides and customers, as we would love to see you.  As an added enticement for coming, there is a possibility that you could win a Julleen pearl and aquamarine jewellery set worth over $3,250 . All you need do is fill out an entry form and pop it into the barrel at the front of the stage.  Should you be there, you could win this gorgeous designer set. Alternatively you can go to the My Bridal Jewellery website to download a form..then pop it into the barrel after your arrival at the bridal fair. Good Luck !

Award Winning Mabe Pearl Necklace
Prize necklace at the Bridal Expo

Secret Lobe Lift by Julleen

If you have droopy ear lobe syndrome then this is the perfect solution. A Sterling Silver Secret Butterfly Lobe Lifting Clip. This ingenious invention by Julleen shows how this miracle lobe lift and earring lift works.

Droopy Ear Lobe Syndrome? Raise your ear lobes, have perky young looking ear lobes and take years off the appearance of stretched ear lobes. Seen here as a ball stud earring, but use these support backs on any earrings for pierced ears and make the lobes and earring look firmer. Makes them sit straight up! A clever solution to hoist up the ear lobes without pain. A push up bra for the ears. No need for painful re-constructive surgery or sticky adhesives. One set will last a life time. A truly original gift idea for any one with pierced ears – 10 mm.

Secret Lobe Lift – How It Works. See how it sits better and more centred with the use of Lobe Lift. For a closer look how this principle works see our Facebook or Hotfrog Page Secret Lobe Lift Push UP for sagging ear lobes –


Peacock Green Pearl Earring


Sterling Silver Support Earring for Droopy Lobes
Ear Lobe Lift Stud Earring

Retro Chic a lovely wedding necklace for any era

For the Bride who loves a bit of Retro chique then this gorgeous hand made flower necklace would be just stunning. We created a 60’s feel pearl necklace with a substantial size sterling silver flower pendant (on pearls) and set it with lovely CZs (bling) with dangling white luscious pearls and stranded on magnolia white pearls. If you want something a little different for your wedding day please check this out. Be warned this is $400 worth of genuine jewellery that will last a life time of wear…and guaranteed always..