Julleen Pearl and Sterling Silver Rings Adjustable

Pearl Rings have been worn since Elizabethan times when pearls were so rare royalty only could possess them and they were always set in gold.

I can’t remember a time when I haven’t admired pearl rings and so when I started my label Julleen Pearl Jewellery it didn’t take me long to create very different pearl rings and set them in Hallmarked sterling silver. Shock horror! this was a first at that time, 20 years ago! All sterling silver and pearl rings had faux pearls. Yes really! To see the entire collection click the PINK link below –

The most popular by far in my early collection (believe it or not) was a pearl encrusted thumb ring. Now after making my huge Pearl Shield ring, made initially 7 years ago, this one today is the favoured design. Am happy to say this is in stock once again. The shield of 3 pearls and 14 CZ stones, made in Sterling Silver best of all, it’s adjustable! It fits any finger size. Please take a peek at my video below on adjusting ring sizes and view some of these most stunning and substantial Pearl Rings you’ll ever see. These are not flimsy designs.