Julleen Lobe Lift Earring Just in Time for Mother’s Day on Julleen Jewels on Etsy

The Julleen Pearl Jewellery range has a miracle Lobe Lift in the form of a ball and stud Earring in beautiful sterling silver. I am so happy to say it is available again and Just! in time for Mother’s Day. And for the very first time we introduce it on  Julleen Jewels – on Etsy.

The miracle actually being the back clip that props up your droopy lobes, is back in stock. This simple but clever levered butterfly clip works wonders and is one of our best sellers. Nearly everyone who purchases a stud earring decides to get one to enhance the overall look of your earring and some come back for more for relatives and friends.

The look of a stud pearl or any earring really, looks firmer on the ear with this Lobe Lift Earring. It makes your earring more centered and in looks much neater and more in place. It has another function of stopping your lobe from elongating further. I think we can all appreciate after having worn an earring for many years the lobe becomes more saggy as we age too.

Take a look at my little video on the Droopy Ear Lobes and the Lifter that.