February always busy

February for me is always a busy time we have two birthdays in our family and of course there’s just that last bit, of holiday season left, to get any projects finished, see as many fringe shows as possible and then there’s Chinese New Year. There’s loads to entertain us, with arts festivals and music gigs and Feb, is jammed packed with things to do, before the restart of school or Uni. I can’t believe how when one thing is done, another thing just pops up to do, just like that!

One of the most significant days for couples is Valentines day always a good time for the jewellery trade! It’s also Awards Season in the USA and I get excited to see what the fashion will be like in jewellery on the red carpet. I’ve chosen a Pearl and Red Ruby Necklace I made recently, to accent the festivities of Chinese New Year, a time when the colour red, is oh so  important. This year we celebrate the year of the Monkey, it’s going to be a fun ride when nothing will stay the same for very long.

The 20ct Ruby and Pearl Pendant Necklace.

To those who are still relaxing before the year really begins, enjoy February and all the joy it brings.

Happy Monkey New Year