citrine necklace

Creating A Citrine Pendant with Golden Pearls

One of the most beautiful and gemstones in the semi precious genre has got to be Citrine. These days many shades of citrine are available to most jewellery makers. I have used lemon and pale yellow citrine but just recently I created a stunning pendant which included one baroque gold pearl and a huge golden citrine. The gold pearls I use here is one of the first purchases I made when I first started Julleen Pearl Jewellery.

Now what to do with this fabulous pendant? I could of course make it easy on myself and just thread it onto a plain white pearl necklace or even just thread it over a chain. Nah Ah. Not me. I want to build a fine designer piece around the pendant and so began by choosing more of the golden pearl that highlights this stunning 22 ct Golden Citrine. Adding  some champagne, cram and white pearls and copious amounts of sterling silver spacers, Voila after about a half a days’ work, this is the result!

Now available of Etsy let’s see what you, the public think of my lovely new gold hue gemstone and pearl necklace.