black and white pearl and black tourmaline necklace by Julleen.jpg

Black Tourmaline and White Pearl Necklace by Julleen

I have recently come across a site that sells a similar necklace to one of my own designs that I created in 2006. The Price tag however soars to around $400 whilst mine sold at a much more reasonable price. It amazes me, sometimes how one of my designs can take years to catch on to the mainstream pearl jewellery purchaser. I of course sold many of these particular black and white pearl and black tourmaline pieces years ago and recently sold an onyx and white pearl one on my Etsy e-Store. Today I thought I would share these stunning pieces with you and was just, thinking on this lovely Sunday morning, that I better go about remaking more!

Below are the variety of styles we began producing way back in 2006! and are now on the come back trail and trending in Australia. I will be sure to keep everyone updated when I have made more of these lovely long pearl, black and white necklaces.