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Best Esty Quote – Our Mission is to keep commerce human

I really like working on the Etsy platform, as besides getting to share this site with other pearl jewellery designers, there is plenty of competition amongst us and this means striving, to be the best one can possibly be, to our customers and for the pearl jewellery industry, as a whole.

Contrary to popular belief, I think China has made we “old hands” in the pearl jewellery trade, more focused and deliberate, in giving the public a better taste of how Australian designers do things. We humanize the online sale when we take time to chat to our clients. No quick sell! for us, or for me anyway, I like seeing return business and this is my way of establishing that.

My followers are growing and it’s fun to see what other artisans do and know that my designs really are up to that competition.


Going back to the quote – keeping it human – I often re-read my feedback to see why my customers feel as they do, about the service I offer. When they honor me by purchasing an item of jewellery from the Julleen Jewels store on Etsy, then I repay that with listening to them. Hey, this is not to say each customer likes to chat or has the time, many sales have been made in a blink of any eye, in-fact 98%, however, I will let everyone know that I will go that extra mile for even the smallest of sales.

I try to give better service than the retail stores in the mall as people can’t touch and feel my jewellery. Jewellery is a tactile item and so to compensate, my clients get to see close ups of the item and nothing is too much for me to make sure my customer feels safe and secure buying on line.

And so in my way I think I am definitely sticking to – keeping it human.