Christine Baranski wears the Julleen Style Double Earring on The Good Wife

I think that gorgeous woman Christine Baranski, who pays Dianne on the Good Wife, has so much style and natural grace and enjoy seeing her each week and watch out to see what jewellery she wears. I want to share with you our very popular double pearl earring, which we first made several years ago and which the character Dianne was wearing on the Good Wife this week. Divine!

christine.baranski EC009_Miss Julleen

I love collecting images of striking women wearing pearl jewellery, I have a channel on You Tube with a video celebrating some of my treasured collection of some amazing women during history wearing pearls. Tonight I was absolutely bursting with pride when I saw Christine wearing this earring style on the show. Here’s how wonderful she looks wearing a three stranded peal necklace but best of all the Julleen style pearl earrings.